Monday, January 29, 2018

Pet Peeves in the Gym

I wrote a previous article on Proper Gym Etiquette and all the dos and don'ts when you are in a public fitness center, but I still get aggravated when I go into the gym and encounter issues like:

- Throwing the gym towels all over the equipment and floor and leaving them lay there
- Not removing plates from the equipment when they are done
- Not returning a piece of equipment where they picked it up from
- Moving equipment from one room to another and not returning it when they are done
- Leaving dumbbells lay all over the gym instead of putting them back in the racks
- Leaving weight plates lay all over the gym instead of re-racking them
- Leaving the tread mills in a less than normal configuration
- Grabbing a piece of equipment directly in front of you without asking if you are using it
- Not wiping down the equipment after use
- Playing load music without using headphones or ear buds
- Cursing (enough said)
- Banging equipment or dropping weights (except for deadlifts or clean lifts)

What are your pet peeves when you go to the gym?  Do you have any?  Go ahead and list them here and maybe, just maybe we can strike a cord with some of the rest of the gym rats like us, so they will respect others and the property they are using.

I love to go to the gym and if I'm not working or enjoying home time, I'm in the gym.  I'm addicted to working out.  I have a full gym in my basement but still go to the public gym so I can lift "heavy."  What is your story?  I'd like to hear from you and your experiences.


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