Monday, January 29, 2018

Pet Peeves in the Gym

I wrote a previous article on Proper Gym Etiquette and all the dos and don'ts when you are in a public fitness center, but I still get aggravated when I go into the gym and encounter issues like:

- Throwing the gym towels all over the equipment and floor and leaving them lay there
- Not removing plates from the equipment when they are done
- Not returning a piece of equipment where they picked it up from
- Moving equipment from one room to another and not returning it when they are done
- Leaving dumbbells lay all over the gym instead of putting them back in the racks
- Leaving weight plates lay all over the gym instead of re-racking them
- Leaving the tread mills in a less than normal configuration
- Grabbing a piece of equipment directly in front of you without asking if you are using it
- Not wiping down the equipment after use
- Playing load music without using headphones or ear buds
- Cursing (enough said)
- Banging equipment or dropping weights (except for deadlifts or clean lifts)

What are your pet peeves when you go to the gym?  Do you have any?  Go ahead and list them here and maybe, just maybe we can strike a cord with some of the rest of the gym rats like us, so they will respect others and the property they are using.

I love to go to the gym and if I'm not working or enjoying home time, I'm in the gym.  I'm addicted to working out.  I have a full gym in my basement but still go to the public gym so I can lift "heavy."  What is your story?  I'd like to hear from you and your experiences.


Monday, January 1, 2018

About Me!

My name is Bob Livingston and I am the owner of and manager of TEAM JAQT.
I am 66 yr old and started avidly bodybuilding in 2012 as I was going through my second divorce.  It was not new to me as I lifted when I was 29 yr old but had to quit due to personal life experiences.
Anyway, I am back, lift three times a week and am now addicted to the gym and weight room.  I will get depressed if I don't get to the gym for my "me" time and stress relief.  I totally changed my diet and eat chicken, fish, some beef, fruits, vegies, etc. etc.  No pizza, no donuts, very little soda, very little beer; literally no junk except for dark chocolate (which is actually good for you as an antioxidant).  I am a gym rat and love it.  I would like to compete in the Senior division some day.
I lift following Joe Weider's principles of a full body workout every time I enter the gym, no split days.  I am totally beat when I leave the gym but I recover quickly for the next workout.  I am a natural bodybuilder, take protein and a preworkout.  That's it.
I am now lifting 290 for my farmer carry, pushing over 700 on the leg sled, 105 dumbbells for shrugs just to name a few.  I also enjoy the Svend Press and Reverse flat bench which I just started incorporating into my workout recently.
I workout at a military base so I see a lot of military people in the gym whenever I go but there is always room.  I just happen to be retired from the US Air Force after 33 years so that's how I get to workout in the base gym.
I buy supplements and a lot of them so I decided in Jan 2017 to quit going to GNC and spending those high prices and buy on-line from a wholesaler and offer the same thing to my family, friends and comrades in arms.
Come on by and join TEAM JAQT and grab some supplements while you are here.  We are adding new products to the site every day.  If you have a favorite and don't see it, let me know and I'll try to get it for you.  Pass up those big box stores you have to drive to or those big box websites with all the pop-ups and banner ads.  We'll ship directly to you for a single shipping charge no matter how much you order.
Hope you enjoyed my story, I left out a lot so as not to bore you!  I would love to hear about your fitness routine and how you got into it.  Please comment and tell me your story and I hope to see YOU in the gym!  TEAM JAQT