Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Natural Bodybuilding

I wanted to do a post about natural bodybuilding versus enhanced.  As I began to research I found so much information that it is almost confusing as to what they both really are, how they are defined and where the lines are drawn.  From what I can tell, it depends on who you are talking to?

I feel like I am a "natural" bodybuilder because all I take on a regular basis with my weight training is protein, liquid or powder, preworkout and amino acids to enhance my workouts.  Does this meet the definition of "natural" bodybuilder?

Most research refers to natural bodybuilding as "the practice of body modification without the use of banned substances."  The practice is the same as far as using workout or fitness centers, gyms, home gyms or outside facilities.  Natural bodybuilders try to reach high levels of physical fitness without the use of performance-enhancing drugs.  Okay so let's say that those PE drugs are obviously steroids and humane growth hormones (HGH) to name the main ones.  Not only do these drugs allow for an unfair advantage in sports, but they can also cause major, life-threatening side-effects such as prominent breasts, baldness or infertility in men and a deep voice, increased body hair and baldness in women.

Worse than that, both men and women can experience severe acne, liver abnormalities or tumors, aggressive behavior, depression, drug dependence, inhibited growth, dehydration,  muscle cramps. exhaustion, dizziness, heart and blood pressure issues and possibly death.

As "natural" bodybuilders, we steer clear of steroids and PEDs based on this research and results and a deep concern for our overall long-term good health.

Natural bodybuilders perform workouts that include multiple muscle groups along with a cardio routine.  Muscles are broke down during workouts and rebuilt afterwards to make them stronger.  Natural bodybuilders tend to be totally and completely physically fit.  Natural bodybuilders have a strict and regimented diet.

Natural bodybuilders also have their own display competitions which seem to be multiplying as of late and which are run by the WNBF (World Natural Bodybuilding Federation) responsible for drug testing all competitors and keeping the sport clean, safe and drug free.

So there you have some idea of what Natural Bodybuilding is all about.  If you need more, continue to research this highly controversial subject on the web and decide for yourself.

We would like to solicit all your comments and thoughts on this subject.  Just comment back here.

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